Help Shape the Future of Quartzy.

Tell us what you think about the Quartzy web app by participating in user research studies. You’ll get early access to new features, gift card rewards, and the chance to help build something you’ll love.

Here's how to get involved:

1. Sign-up

Click the link to sign up and fill out the questionnaire. This will help our research team match you to particular studies. The more information you provide, the better your chances of joining a study.

2. Participate in a study

If we invite you to participate in a study, we'll contact you to discuss time, location, and method. Otherwise we'll reach out to you via email to participate in future studies. Studies can take place at the Quartzy office (Bay area users only) or online via your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

3. Receive rewards and early access

Once your study is complete, you’ll get a thank-you gift (We’ll always tell you what the reward will be before you agree to participate.) All users who sign up will have our eternal gratitude and early access to new features before other users.

Let's talk when you're available.

Do you have an hour to sit down with us? Great—You'll work with our product team directly. Only available for a few minutes? Help us answer questions on your own time.  Your time is important—that's why we'll do everything we can to adapt to your schedule.

Want to know more before signing up?

Check out the questions and answers below

​​What are the qualities of an ideal participant?

Anyone who's had experience with requesting and/or managing lab supplies and is over 18 years old. We prefer that you have some experience with lab management software like Quartzy, but it's not required.

What will I do in these studies?

When you sign up, you'll be able to choose the type of studies that fit your interests and commitment level. Here’s some information about the different types of studies Quartzy will be performing:

Usability study at the Quartzy office
These studies work best for people who live in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. You’ll meet with Product Designers and/or Product Managers from Quartzy who will ask you questions, have you use a new or existing feature in the web app, and then get your feedback.

Remote usability study
​​In these studies, Quartzy will gather your feedback via a screen-sharing session, either with at a scheduled time with someone on the Quartzy product team, or on your own time. You can be almost anywhere in the world, but you’ll need to have a high-speed Internet connection.

Experiential sampling study
These studies require a small amount of activity over several days or possibly weeks where you’ll be asked to respond to questions or take notes about your experience using a feature. They can be completed on any device where you have access to the internet.

Field study
Quartzy’s Product Team will set up a time to visit you in your lab. We'll never show up at your lab unannounced though — we'll always check in with you first to discuss study details and make an appointment.

For these studies, we’ll simply send you a survey form to fill out. Please note that we don’t typically offer a gift for participating in a survey.

What's the time commitment?

With usability studies and field studies, you’ll typically spend up to an hour with us. This will almost always be during business hours (i.e., Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm Pacific time). If you’re visiting the Quartzy office to participate, you’ll need to allow extra time for travel, which will be at your own expense. Remote sessions may take place outside of typical business hours depending on your local time zone. Experiential sampling studies will take a few minutes a day over the course of a week or more. Surveys can be done whenever you'd like and take less than 15 minutes.

How soon will you contact me?

If you fit a current study, you should expect to get a reply quickly. Whether or not you’re invited to participate in a study will depend on multiple factors. If you don’t match for a current study, you may hear back from us later when there is one that best fits your qualities as a participant. Even if you’re not invited to a study, you will be able to opt in or out of Quartzy’s beta tests in the future.

If I sign up, will you send me spam or sell my information to other companies?

Absolutely not. All the information you provide is kept confidential. We only use this for finding suitable participants and we will only contact you to invite you to participate in a study or to clarify information you've provided us.

Why did the sign-up link send me to a Typeform website?

Typeform is the site we use for hosting our sign-up questionnaires and surveys.

I signed up but decided I don't want to participate. Can I opt-out?

You can opt out at any time. E-mail to opt out.

My contact information has changed since I signed up. How can I update it?

Yes, just E-mail to change your information.

I have questions about the rewards from this or another study I participated in with Quartzy. What do I do?

In the past, some of our user research studies did not include a reward. If, however, a reward was discussed and you did not receive it, e-mail us at and we'll make it right.

How will my feedback be used by Quartzy?

All user research session feedback is gathered and analyzed by our product team to help create and prioritize what features and improvements Quartzy should work on next. We invite Quartzy team members to sit in on usability sessions and review feedback from every research session. While not every suggestion Quartzy receives is developed into a new feature, the feedback you give will be heard across the entire company. That's why we're hoping you'll sign up!