Courier  Therapeutics:Accelerating cancer research with Quartzy

Courier Therapeutics

Houston, TX

  • Challenge
  • Isolating experimental errors due to consumables was complicated and time-intensive.
  • Managing multiple supplier relationships for supplies distracted team from research.
  • Solution
  • A simplified system for tracking supply history with Request and Inventory features.
  • Streamlined purchasing through the Quartzy Shop to reduce multi-supplier dependency.
  • Outcome
  • Drastically improved lab communication around experiments and ordering
  • An additional 4 to 5 hours of lab productivity gained per week

Known as “the emperor of all maladies", Cancer, in all of its forms, has long been an enigma in the global medical community. Over the last half-century, however, cancer research has made great strides in both understanding the disease as well as developing new treatments to combat it. And while it remains the second leading  cause  of  death  in  the  United  States¹,  deaths  from  cancer  have been  declining  for  decades,  having  fallen  nearly  26%  from  their  peak  in 1991².

A major contributor to this decline in mortality has been the introduction of immunotherapy which has proven itself to be a successful form of treatment for several types of cancer. Helping develop this line of treatment further is Courier Therapeutics, a startup that has dedicated itself to cancer therapy advancements in the field of immunotherapy. With the support of Johnson & Johnson’s JLABS, Courier is developing groundbreaking technology to activate innate and adaptive immune systems and is helping lead the way in breakthrough forms of cancer treatment.

But immunotherapy research, especially at the cutting edge, involves conducting extremely detailed experiments where a single small variable can produce inconclusive results. This makes the consistency of materials and reagents used a critical part of scientific progress. Sarah Hein, Director of Development at Courier recognized this and adopted Quartzy knowing it would be vital for the company to have a streamlined system for tracking, ordering, and ensuring the consistency of their lab supplies.

For emerging pharmaceutical companies, Quartzy is one of these platforms you really shouldn’t live without.”

Sarah Hein, Director of Development - Courier Therapeutics

Sarah had previously used Quartzy as a graduate student for ordering and managing lab supplies and realized how it could make an immediate impact at her company. For Sarah, the visibility Quartzy provided into her lab’s ordering activities helped her keep tabs on what supplies and reagents teams were ordering for their research. “When you are troubleshooting why an experiment has not performed as expected, you need to examine all of the various components, and knowing that because we order through Quartzy, the reagents are the exact same, allows us to eliminate that factor so we can instead examine the processes.”

Serving as a single source of truth for the supplies used in their experiments, Quartzy drastically cut down the time Courier was investing in root-causing research issues. “If we didn’t use Quartzy we would have to spend hours going back to outdated spreadsheets to try to piece together and confirm what supplies were ordered and which reagents were used for each experiment.” The time saved through Quartzy is critical; Sarah notes, “there are only a few of us to do all of the work in carrying out the experiments, so whenever we can eliminate tedious, administrative tasks we gain a significant advantage.”

Beyond tracking experiment supplies, Courier has found additional time savings with Quartzy’s Shop and Effortless Quotes features. Through the Quartzy Shop, Courier has access to over three million life science products from over 1,000 of the industry’s leading suppliers, allowing Sarah and her team to consolidate their purchasing across multiple vendors down to just one. “Navigating and searching through dense lab supply catalogs each time we need to order reagents is pure drudgery and wastes valuable time. Quartzy eliminates that entire manual process for us.” Sarah estimates Quartzy saves her team between 4 and 5 hours per week just in ordering supplies for the necessary experiments they run each day.

Because of the success enjoyed with Quartzy, Courier’s sister company, Resonant Therapeutics, has also begun integrating the software into their operational workflows. “Quartzy has been a game changer for us,” comments Sarah. “Getting those hours back each week to focus on experiments instead of supply ordering and to have consistency in our reagents across experiments is so valuable. For emerging pharmaceutical companies, Quartzy is one of these platforms you really shouldn’t live without.”



Quartzy has been a game changer for us.”

Sarah Hein, Director of Development - Courier Therapeutics

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