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Manage scheduling for shared resources.

Minimize conflicts over time on shared lab equipment with Quartzy Facilities, which makes it easy to administer and reserve time on expensive equipment like PCR machines, flow cytometers, and microscopes.

"We are using Quartzy primarily for the Facilities bookings. It has been an organizational DREAM! The site administrators are always open to new suggestions to help improve the site. On top of all this, it is free!! So if you are not using it, why not?"
Peter Hains, Childrens Medical Research Institute, Australia

Reserve time on shared lab equipment.

Still using paper signup sheets? Quartzy's Facilities Module makes it easy to manage shared equipment. If you are the administrator for a facility you can set it up on Quartzy and invite people in and outside your lab to join the Facility.

Each Facility has a shared calendar and members of the Facility can reserve slots from anywhere at any time.

Members can also see who else has booked time and message them directly to switch slots etc. Administrators can cancel slots booked by members at any time.

Receive email reminders.

Forgetting your time slot can cause unnecessary delays in your experiments and underutilization of important resources. Quartzy can send you email reminders so that forgotten appointments are a thing of the past!


Send cancellation alerts.

Often lab equipment is in high demand and it's important to know when people cancel their slots. On Quartzy, when you cancel your appointment you can choose to send an automatic announcement to other facility members that you have cancelled your slot so that they can go ahead and book it.

"I think that Quartzy is an awesome tool, and it has really benefited our lab!"
Hannah Thompson, University of Minnesota

Easily upload manuals.

Unlike many online calendars (Google, Yahoo, etc), Quartzy Facilities offers an equipment-centric solution. You can upload manuals and training links so people who book time on your equipment know how to use it.

Download usage reports.

Want to see who’s using your equipment and for how long? As an equipment administrator you can download usage reports for any period of time. They show who used your machine, when they used it, and for how long! This feature is used by both core facilities and individual labs to gain insight into how their equipment is being used.

Better than other online calendars.

Do you currently use Google or Yahoo calendars for shared equipment? Give Quartzy's Facilities Module a try. It is tailored specifically for shared research equipment. In addition, slots from the past cannot be removed, which helps with billing!


Facilities features at a glance:

  • Shared Sign-up sheets: Shared sign-up sheets for shared tools/equipment/facilities
  • Sign-up Notes: Share notes during sign-up with other Facility members. Leave private notes with grant IDs, etc. for Admins.
  • Sign up for others: As an admin, you can sign up for other members of the Facility and cancel slots booked by others
  • Email Reminders: Auto optional e-mail reminders for upcoming bookings
  • Usage reports: Admins can download facility usage reports
  • Documentation: Admins can upload equipment manuals/instructions
  • Cancel Notification: Optional email notification when booked slots are canceled to ensure full facility utilization
  • Resource Discovery: Discover other Facilities at your institution and request access