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Spend less time looking for stuff, and more time getting things done.

Running a lab is challenging, and knowing what you have in the lab and who has it is extremely important to make things run efficiently. Quartzy Inventory makes managing your lab inventory extremely easy, so you can focus on your research.

"What you guys are doing for the scientific community is simply amazing. I would like to thank you for putting together such a wonderful system for maintaining a lab inventory."
Harish Veeramani, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Getting started is easy.

Quickly upload existing Excel inventories by copying and pasting into the Quartzy Excel Template. Or—even easier—just mail your inventories to us and we will take care of it for you!

Quartzy hosts a growing database of products from major vendors including Sigma-Aldrich, Invitrogen, Bio-Rad and more. Just enter the vendor name and catalog number to add the product with all technical details into your inventory.

Find who has what and where it is.

Quartzy connects your inventory to your Group's inventories in the cloud!

Search: You can search you entire lab inventory by reagent name, vendor name, catalog number and more to find products you need in seconds.

Filter: Let's say you only work with a few people in your lab, or you only want to see what's in your -80C freezer? You can filter your inventory so you only see what's important to you.


Manage your freezer boxes with ease.

Quartzy lets you add your items to boxes, which can be easily managed on the "Manage Locations" page. This allows you to quickly find items in boxes, make aliquots, move items from one place to another, print the box map to paste to the top of your box, and more!

"I just tried the migrate function and it worked beautifully! Loving Quartzy!"
Sharen McKay, Yale University

Rate and comment on different products.

Ever buy an antibody that didn't work? On Quartzy, scientists from all over the world are contributing to the community by leaving valuable comments about products that they use. The next time you want to order an antibody or any other lab product, you can quickly check Quartzy and buy ones that work!

Automatic regular inventory backups.

We take extreme care to protect your data. In brief, we use a RAID I array for our main hard drive, which backs up your data the moment it's written onto the drive. Every day the site is backed-up to an external drive, and every two weeks the site is backed-up to tape and the tape is moved off-site in case the data center suffers some natural disaster. That is the level of care we take.

But if you want to feel extra safe at your end, you can even get Quartzy to email you your inventory in an Excel format on a weekly or monthly basis.


Reagent expiration alerts.

Want to make sure you're not using expired reagents? Enter an expiration date, and Quartzy will remind you by email 30 days before it expires.


Customizable, yet easy to use.

We thought of many of the common types of items kept by labs such as antibodies, chemicals, plasmids etc. Each type has its own relevant categories making it easy to track your inventory.

But we admit that we haven't thought of everything. You can add custom categories and custom fields within those categories so you can keep track of every important detail of each item.

Inventory features at a glance:

  • Add: Add vendor and non-vendor items
  • Vendor Catalogs: Quickly add items from hosted vendor catalogs with 600,000+ items
  • Excel Upload: Add thousands of items at once by uploading Excel file
  • Shared: Share inventory and other details like location with others in your lab
  • Reviews: Read product reviews by other scientists
  • Custom Types: Item types are customizable to meet all needs
  • Expiration Alerts: Alerts for items that are about to expire
  • Backups: Optional inventory backups emailed on a regular basis
  • Group Inventories: Share different inventories with different Groups
  • Private Inventory: Option to maintain a private inventory
  • Advanced Search and Filters: Features that allow you to drill-down to find specific results like all items in a particular location or matching a particular sequence