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A streamlined interface for all lab order requests.

Most labs either use white-boards or emails to manage lab order requests. The problem with this approach is that things often fall through the cracks. Quartzy's Order Requests Module makes it easy for scientists to place order requests and for lab managers to respond from one streamlined interface making miscommunication a thing of the past.

"Quartzy provides an efficient and convenient means of managing our lab orders."
Hai Lai, Columbia University

All lab order requests in one place.

Using email or a white board for orders? Try Quartzy's Order Requests Module, which is used by labs at hundreds of universities all over the world. Lab members send order requests to the Lab Manager and/or PI with 2 clicks. Lab Manager/PI can accept/deny all lab order requests from a single easy to use interface.

Order status visible to the entire lab.

Everybody in the lab can see the status of each order request. And scientists know when lab managers/PIs take action on those requests. This degree of transparency improves intra-lab communication, reduces duplicate orders, and ensures people order something when it's running low.

Automated warnings to prevent duplicate orders.

Since launching, Quartzy has saved labs hundreds-of-thousands of dollars by preventing duplicate orders. If an item has been ordered by anybody in the lab in the last month, an automated warning appears to prevent unnecessary duplicate orders.

"As a new user to Quartzy I have found it a user friendly system and a convenient accessible depository for the frequently requested items required by our lab. It allows effective communication between the requester and the orderer."
C. Alan Kachel, Columbia University

Generate easy Excel reports.

Want to know how much you spent on a grant last year? Or who is spending what in the lab? With Quartzy, with a few clicks you can generate Excel reports for spend analysis.


Generate requisition forms specific to your institution.

Do you have a paper form you use to submit orders? On Quartzy, you can generate printable order requisition forms tailored for your institution that you can easily drop off or email to your buyer.

Order Requests features at a glance:

  • Send Order Requests: Two clicks submit an order request to your lab manager
  • Attachments: Attach file with special instructions/quotes with each requested item
  • Email notifications: Lab managers receive optional email notifications when items are added to the Order Requests Module. Notifications are emailed to submitter as order is processed.
  • Accept/Deny Order Requests: Lab managers can approve/deny/mark-as-received all order requests from one interface
  • Filters: Order request history can be filtered by vendor, grant id, status, date range and more
  • Spend Tracking: Order request history can be downloaded to excel for tracking and processing. Setup monthly reports for the system to email to you.
  • Multiple Groups: Lab managers can manage order requests and order request histories for many different lab groups with ease
  • Duplicate Orders: Auto-alerts if a duplicate item is added to the Order Requests Module
  • Reorder: Click "Reorder" on an item in your order history and it will immediately be added to your Order Requests Module.