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Easily and efficiently share documents with your labmates.

With Quartzy Documents, you can easily share lab documents such as protocols and papers with your entire lab. Integration with Quartzy Inventory lets you import items directly into your protocols. Like the other modules, Quartzy Documents is as flexible as your research needs it to be!

"Quartzy has been nothing short of incredible for our lab, increasing productivity while decreasing costs. The system is easy to use yet is capable of so many things, from organizing and ordering reagents to documenting protocols. The searching and sharing capabilities have been especially useful for our lab. We highly recommend Quartzy because of the incredible functionality as well as the support of the dedicated Quartzy team."
R Scott Panichelli, Duke University

Easily attach files.

Have a PDF or picture associated with a document? Attach it in seconds for everyone in your lab to see.


Import references from PubMed.

Not sure who to reference when you're writing your methods section? Protocols are integrated with PubMed, so you can easily pull in references. Now when you go to publish a protocol you worked on years ago, you'll know exactly who to cite.

"I am really impressed with your product and with your level of service. Everyone has been congratulating me on bringing Quartzy to our department."
Arthur Uhimov, Columbia University

Quickly print and take to your bench.

Don't want to bring your laptop or iPad to the bench? In one click, print your document and take it to your bench to use!


Control custom privacy settings.

You are in complete control of who sees your documents. You can choose whether to keep each document private or share it with your labmates.


Protocols features at a glance:

  • Manage Documents: Share lab documents from one place
  • Create Folders: Create folders and tags to easily organize your documents
  • PubMed Integration: Add references from PubMed
  • Integrated with Inventory: Attach items from your inventory
  • Download pdf: Download your documents to PDF
  • Annotate and Comment: Collaborate on attached files with your Group members