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Networking Cards for BPS 2014

Quartzy will be at the Biophysical Society's 58th Annual Meeting in 2014 and we're giving every single poster presenter 25 free 4"x6" Networking Cards. They're like business cards for science!

Networking Card - Front Networking Card - Back

What are Networking Cards?

Networking Cards show the time and location of your presentation so handing them out before your presentation helps remind interested colleagues to stop by. Handing them out while you are presenting helps others remember your research. After the conference when everybody is back home, people who stopped by your presentation will have your Networking Card and can get in touch with you easily.

How much do the Networking Cards cost?

$0.00. They’re free!

When do I pick them up?

The earlier the better, ideally the first day the Poster Hall is open (2/16). Those people presenting on Sunday, 2/16, will be able to setup their posters on 2/15 and can pick up their cards then.

Basically, whenever you can enter the Poster Hall, you can pick up your cards. For example, if my poster is on Wednesday 2/19, I could come in on Sunday to pick up the cards. That way, I can spend the three days handing out the cards and building anticipation for my presentation.

Where do I pick them up?

Just inside the Poster Hall. Find the guys with Quartzy shirts on!

Should I wait until my poster session to pick up the cards?

No. Since you can pass these out to anybody interested in your work, you can pick them up at the times shown above.

Scientists love these cards

“The networking cards were quite a nice surprise. At first I was a bit hesitant with them, but in the end they turned out to be quite a successful idea.”

“They were awesome! Graduate students at my institution do not receive business cards. It helped me to network and feel confident.”

“Greatest idea ever. I think I will make something like that for other meetings I attend. I love the cards.”

“The networking cards were awesome. Good to have and give out. I contacted some of the people who gave me one already.”