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What Quartzy users are saying

I've been responsible for managing lab inventories for almost 15 years and Quartzy is the best solution I have seen.
Sylvia Johnson, Washington University
The amount of time Quartzy saves us is invaluable and it has enabled our work to progress at a much appreciated faster pace.
Mariela Flambury, Columbia University
Great site! We find it very useful so far in organizing our antibodies.
Christine Cun, University of California, San Francisco
Quartzy is the perfect solution for research labs. From finding the location of chemicals and disposables, looking up pricing, placing an order, to reserving a PCR machine, Quartzy does it all. It has made research fun again!
Elisabeth M. Bik, Stanford University
We don't even take advantage of all the features that Quartzy has to offer, and already my life as lab manager is MUCH easier than it was before we started using the website.
Elizabeth Richardson, Yale University
As scientists, who all posses some tendency for OCD behaviors, Quartzy is a dream realized. Finally, one is able to keep track of reagents, protocols, orders, in one clean, easy to use website.
Bryan Doreian, Case Western Reserve University
As a new user to Quartzy, I have found it a user friendly system and a convenient, accessible depository for the frequently requested items required by our lab. It allows effective communication between the requester and the orderer.
C. Alan Kachel, Columbia University
I wanted to let you know that I think Quartzy is great. Our lab just started using it a month ago and it's been very easy to place orders and keep track of them with Quartzy.
Boyang Zhao, MIT
Quartzy is ideal for keeping an up-to-date chemical inventory (required by most Lab Safety Compliance Offices) and helping my labmates know what is at their fingertips while planning their experiments.
Marc Kimball, Tufts University
Quartzy converted our chaos to calm!
Kevin Montgomery, Case Western Reserve University
Our lab is just beginning to explore the amazing features of Quartzy and are rapidly populating the inventory. Thanks for helping us bring order out of chaos.
Nicholas Olivarez, University of North Carolina
Quartzy is an innovative, easy to learn, lab management tool that gives online access to inventory, orders, equipment, and personnel, all in one location. The Quartzy Team is extremely responsive and helpful! They understand things that make research difficult and strive to make them easier for researchers, managers and PIs alike. Quartzy is a great tool that I use everyday!
Gregory Joseph Schmid, Stanford University
Quartzy provides an efficient and convenient means of managing our lab orders.
Hai Lai, Columbia University
What you guys are doing for the scientific community is simply amazing. I would like to thank you for putting together such a wonderful system for maintaining a lab inventory.
Harish Veeramani, Virginia Tech
I just tried the migrate function and it worked beautifully! Loving Quartzy!
Sharen McKay, Yale University
I think that Quartzy is an awesome tool, and it has really benefited our lab!
Hannah Thompson, University of Minnesota
I love your site!
Stephania Cormier, Louisiana State University
Quartzy has been nothing short of incredible for our lab, increasing productivity while decreasing costs. The system is easy to use yet is capable of so many things, from organizing and ordering reagents to documenting protocols. The searching and sharing capabilities have been especially useful for our lab. We highly recommend Quartzy because of the incredible functionality as well as the support of the dedicated Quartzy team.
R Scott Panichelli, Duke University
You guys have an awesome product!
Vasilena Gocheva, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Great work with Quartzy! I am very impressed with this. I've been looking around for a long time for efficient software to organize life in the lab and Quartzy seems to be the answer!
Yann Sterckx, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
We have used Quartzy for 6 months now and our laboratory has never been so organized. Furthermore, it allows this open communication between us (the researchers) and the laboratory manager. The flexibility of the site and the many options that you have for optimizing the laboratory work were long needed and greatly appreciated.
Maj-Linda Selenica, University of South Florida
Quartzy is a great innovation! We can keep all product details of our supplies safely stored in one place, and we are saving so much time and effort with the 1-click order requests!
Ina Laura Pieper, Cell Therapy Limited
This software is a great tool and help for the scientist working in the lab.
Amaraja Kulkarni, Saf Labs
First and foremost, I would like to very sincerely thank you for creating this amazing website! Because of you, the lab is able to run so much more efficiently and accurately. Every lab will be using this website soon enough. Thank you once again! Quartzy is the lab website of my dreams!
Abbey Goodyear, Northwestern University
Quartzy is an awesome resource!
Prasanna Ramachandran, Washington University
I am new to Quartzy and just started recently. Instantly I loved it. Quartzy is an excellent tool for any lab. Any beginner can learn using Quartzy in minutes compared to the other inventory management software out there. The Quartzy group is doing an excellent service to the scientific community.
Rajesh Anand, Biocon
Thanks for creating such an awesome website! We are planning on rolling it out the rest of our lab next week and I will definitely be telling other labs about your great site!
Ryan Peter, Ohio State University
I have only been using Quartzy for the last 10 days, but already I have found it to be an excellent managing tool for my laboratory areas.
Fraser Darling, Queen Mary, University of London
We are using Quartzy primarily for the Facilities bookings. It has been an organizational DREAM! The site administrators are always open to new suggestions to help improve the site. On top of all this, it is free!! So if you are not using it, why not?
Peter Hains, Childrens Medical Research Institute, Australia
We have been using Quartzy for about 6 months now, we have over 600 items in our inventory and have placed over 100 orders using the system and it has completely revolutionized the way we do things. Since our lab has signed up, 4 other labs have also come on board with us. It really is Facebook for labs.

Anyways, on the behalf of my lab, we want to thank you for making our life easier, saving us money and improving our efficiency. We appreciate the hard work that you and your team has put into the website and are excited to watch it evolve as it matures.
Jamie Boisvenue, University of Alberta
I really do like Quartzy... I've gotten all of our antibody, plasmid, cell line, and other inventories in a central location now, and it's great for the lab. Thanks!
Sherin Smallwood, University of Florida
Quartzy is revolutionizing labwork by consolidating reagent information within and between labs saving us time and money.
Anthony DeCostanzo, Columbia University
Quartzy is an excellent idea and tool!
David Simoes, Instituto Polit├ęcnico do Porto
We use Quartzy to manage the use of 45 instruments by over 60 researchers. Since this department-wide equipment is spread over a large area, being able to reserve usage from any location is a great feature. The intuitive sign up calendars and helpful options like email reminders make using Quartzy easy for busy researchers.

In addition, the admin tools like facility user access and usage reports ease the burden of the administrator. I have reviewed several other calendar systems and nothing comes close to Quartzy.
Rick Adshead, UMass Medical School
Quartzy is a wonderful way to keep inventory and lab members informed about it. Keep up the good work.
Ana Vasileva, Columbia University
Quartzy is a very easy and streamlined solution to help our lab stay organized. Keeping track of our inventory of cell lines and plasmids has become much easier.
Jason Clark, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
I was a little skeptical at first... Quartzy seemed too good to be true. But it turned out to be even better than I expected. Beautiful site, nice, customizable features - exactly what we were looking for in terms of lab management. On behalf of all the neat freaks in the science world, THANK YOU for making everyone's lives easier!!!!
Charles Ward, Medical University of South Carolina
Thank you for creating a wonderful and useful tool that meets my needs really well.
Sriram Krishnan, University of Cape Town
We use Quartzy to manage a multi-instrument flow cytometry core lab at our institution. Users love being able to look at multiple instrument schedules on one page to find an opening, as well as being able to access the schedule from any computer. There is also a function that notifies users when a time slot is cancelled, which is very helpful when someone has a last second experiment to squeeze in.

On the management side, scheduling data is easily exported to a spreadsheet, which makes billing at the end of the month a snap. Highly recommended for anyone managing shared instrumentation.
Keith Bahjat, Earle A. Chiles Research Institute
It is a great platform to manage lab resources... I must congratulate you for building an immensely user friendly, simple and attractive interface.
Swaraj Basu, Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, Italy
Quartzy rocks - I love this system! Coordinating orders and inventory with lab members has never been so easy!
Alison Doak, University of California, San Francisco
I am really impressed with your product and with your level of service. Everyone has been congratulating me on bringing Quartzy to our department.
Arthur Uhimov, Columbia University
I was just starting out as a research assistant, fresh from my Master's degree with no idea about how to organize a lab. Quartzy made it extremely easy to control the ordering. No more labmates asking me if something was ordered or when it was in. No more pestering my PI to approve an order. No more losing track of received orders. No more hunting someone down for a protocol. It's all right there, 24/7, whenever I need it.

I know I won't be able to live a day without it now, I actually have time for experiments now! Thank you so much!
Kim Novak, Northeast Ohio Medical University
We love Quartzy... it makes ordering the inventory a lot easier.
Jen Mou, Kent State University
I would like to thank you for creating Quartzy, it is wonderful software. Our lab uses it and we are very happy to have it.
Chinmay Surve, University of Rochester
Quartzy has been truly great for the lab! It has improved the communication between everyone in the lab and the lab managers placing orders. It has saved us in many instances from placing multiple orders for the same reagent and ordering errors.
Jason Hanna, Yale University
I am truly enjoying your website. Quartzy has made it so much easier to keep track of orders and really keeps everyone organized, which I absolutely love.
Megan Raetz, UT Southwestern
I find Quartzy very useful and extremely user friendly.
Isa Nobre De Cruz, University College London
This is exactly what I was looking for. I especially appreciate that it's free and the excel export function.
Stefan Taube, University of Michigan
Quartzy is great and literally takes 10 minutes to make the initial change.
Melissa Weisbach, Columbia University
I feel I need to tell you guys, (and I know I'm fairly new to Quartzy), but you guys are awesome. First off, the program is fantastic. Secondly, your response to my little inquiries are always very timely and extremely helpful. Thanks so much for what you do helping me make my day a little easier.
Andrew Hager, University of California, Los Angeles
Quartzy is a great tool... It has made organizing lab protocols incredibly easy.
Matthew Belus, Northern Arizona University
I have to say you have made Quartzy extremely easy to set up. We just moved labs and took our Excel spreadsheet inventory from last fall. Import was quick and easy.
Marvin Meyers, Saint Louis University
Just wanted to let you know that the calendar for managing the facilities is great! This is what I was waiting for, it suddenly makes Quartzy much easier to use for our lab. Amazing how fast Quartzy evolves!
Ilse Eyckmans, Neuroelectronics Research Flanders
Quartzy is amazing, and definitely the best service out there.
Vasanthi Sridhar, Columbia University
I love Quartzy! It's solved a lot of issues for our lab (including fights over equipment).
Emily Kershner, University of Virginia
Quartzy is really useful for lab management, thanks a lot!
Lily Zhu, National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing, China
I think your website will be invaluable to us as we transition from a spreadsheet to a web-based database.
David Vollmer, Thatcher Chemical
We just want you to know that we really appreciate very much what you are doing for us. Quartzy makes ordering and inventory extremely easy for us, which gives us a lot more time to do research. The updates that have been made to Quartzy in the last few months have been fantastic as well!
Greg Karahalis, Emory University
Our lab has moved forward in adopting your system. It is just too cool not to use!
Travis Stewart, University of Nevada, Reno
I love Quartzy! For 2 years we tried to come up with a system with our in-house programmers that does what Quartzy does and just couldn't ever get to a satisfactory end product. We didn't know that the system we needed was already out there and free! Quartzy has features that all aspects of a lab can utilize ready to go. The Quartzy team is awesome and the tech support that they supply is prompt, courteous, and they take the time to get to know their users and their users needs. Thanks Quartzy!
Edward Carroll, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
Thank you, thank you, thank you, for such an amazing laboratory management system!
Mark Segall, Cherokee High School
Quartzy is pure genius, especially because it is extremely easy to use and saves us time and money.
Rolando Ruiz, University of California, Irvine