Online sign-up sheets for shared lab equipment

Manage and track usage for shared lab equipment like PCR machines, flow cytometers, confocal microscopes, and more.

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Minimize conflicts and maximize productivity.

Still using paper sign-up sheets or Google Calendar? Quartzy’s Equipment Sign-Up module was designed specifically for life-science labs to manage shared instruments and equipment.

  • Add equipment

    Admins can easily add shared equipment. Each piece of equipment has a separate shared online calendar.

  • Book slots

    Members can see available slots across all equipment at a glance, and quickly sign up for a slot. Members cannot change slots in the past.

  • Manage bookings

    Admins can sign up on behalf of members, edit/delete member’s bookings, and more.

  • Integrated

    Equipment Sign-Up is integrated with Google Calendar, so members can easily add bookings to their personal Google Calendars.

Is it for me? Quartzy is used by over 30,000 labs.

The Equipment Sign-Up module is ideal for use by core facility managers and by labs that share equipment with neighboring labs.

We manage all of our department’s core facilities using Quartzy. The software is flexible, the team is responsive, and the price - $0 - can’t be beat! Quartzy is by far the best solution out there.

Jessica Freeling

Core Laboratory Manager
University of South Dakota

We share our microscopes, qPCR machines, and other instruments with neighboring labs. Since deploying Quartzy, conflicts on sharing have virtually ceased.

Desiree Baron

Research Associate
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Quartzy is totally free, and always will be.

Quartzy is the world’s #1 lab management platform, trusted by more than 30,000 labs worldwide.

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