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Very simply, we earn money when you buy lab equipment, reagents, kits, chemicals, and anything else you need for your lab from us.

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Laboratory flask and bottle containing clear liquid

The Quartzy Shop & Effortless Quotes*

Our Quartzy Shop is the go-to source for all of your lab supply needs. By bringing together the biggest names in the life science industry, we can offer you an unbeatable selection of over 10 million products backed up by our legendary customer support and Quartzy Guarantee.

For labs using Quartzy for requests, our Effortless Quotes feature automatically hunts for backorder alternatives and other deals, and sends you a quote if we have a match. You save money on products you need; we earn money by sourcing products from the suppliers that work with us.

Quartzy Effortless Quotes feature demo

* While Quartzy's lab management software can be used for free by labs and companies all over the world, the Quartzy Shop and Effortless Quotes features are currently only available to labs in the United States.

The Quartzy team understands what it’s like to work in a lab. They just get the workflow. I use Quartzy to manage my lab of 10 people and it has converted our chaos to calm.

Dan Jarosz, PhD
Assistant Professor – Chemical & Systems Biology
Stanford University

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