Quartzy is completely free, and always will be.

Quartzy works with leading life-science vendors to source products for your lab for cheaper.

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Effortless Quotes*

For labs using the Order Requests Module, Quartzy hunts for cheaper prices on the supplies they are about to buy. If we find a better price we send you a quote, and you can choose to accept or ignore it. If you accept our quote, you buy the item from Quartzy. Our suppliers pay us a commission for sourcing products from them, and you get the product for cheaper. Win-win!

Effortless Quotes demo
Why this business model?
The life-science market is not efficient. Supplies are significantly marked up even when you factor in institutional discounts. This is mainly due to a lack of price transparency across vendors. With more than 120,000 scientists using Quartzy around the world we have a clear picture of prices in the market, so we leverage this data to find better prices for you.

An additional benefit of this model is that we can provide the lab-management software for free. Our aim is to add value to labs who use Quartzy, and we think free software to save time coupled with savings on lab spending is very compelling.
How does it work?
We call this feature “Effortless Quotes” because you don’t need to change your existing ordering process. Communicate your lab’s order to your lab manager using Quartzy’s Order Request Module, and we will let you know if there’s anything we can find for cheaper. You can then buy our suggested offer from us using a credit card, a purchase order or through your purchasing system. We’re an approved vendor in most major institutions. If you don’t see yours listed, send an email to support@quartzy.com and we’ll get in touch with your purchasing department.
Who is using this?
Quartzy is used by academic labs as well as pharma and biotech companies. More than 10,000 labs at leading institutions across the country including Stanford, Yale, UVA, UAB and Case Western rely on Quartzy to get their work done and discover better prices, as well as biotechs like Impossible Foods, Altravax and Catalent.
Will you sell my data?
Nope. We don’t sell your data and we don’t show you annoying ads. Very simply, we make money when you buy supplies from us.
What if I want to leave?
If you're the lab administrator, you can download all of your lab’s data stored on Quartzy to Excel or PDF files and delete your account at any time.

The Quartzy team understands what it’s like to work in a lab. They just get the workflow. I use Quartzy to manage my lab of 10 people and it has converted our chaos to calm.

Dan Jarosz, PhD

Assistant Professor – Chemical & Systems Biology
Stanford University

Quartzy is totally free, and always will be.

Quartzy is the world’s #1 lab management platform, trusted by more than 10,000 labs worldwide.

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