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The free and easy way to manage your lab.

Quartzy is a free online lab management platform.
Nothing to download. Start right away.

  • Organize and manage your lab inventory online
  • Save money by avoiding order duplication
  • Online sign-up sheets for shared equipment
  • Share protocols and lab documents

Great research starts with good management.

Quartzy is loved by labs big and small.

The amount of time Quartzy saves us is invaluable and it has enabled our work to progress at a much faster pace.
Mariela Flambury
Divisional Administrator, Columbia University
I've been responsible for managing lab inventories for almost 15 years and Quartzy is the best solution I have seen.
Sylvia Johnson
Lab Manager, Washington University
We have over 600 items in our inventory and have placed over 100 orders using Quartzy, and it has completely revolutionized the way we do things.
Jamie Boisvenue
Lab Manager, University of Alberta
We don't even take advantage of all the features that Quartzy has to offer, and already my life as lab manager is MUCH easier than it was before we started using the website.
Elizabeth Richardson
Lab Manager, Yale University
Quartzy is the perfect solution for research labs. From finding the location of chemicals, looking up pricing, placing an order, to reserving a PCR machine, Quartzy does it all.
Elisabeth M. Bik
Post-doc, Stanford University
Because of you, the lab is able to run so much more efficiently and accurately. Every lab will be using this website soon enough. Thank you! Quartzy is the lab website of my dreams!
Abbey Goodyear
Lab Technician, Northwestern University
Quartzy is loved by thousands of scientists at hundreds of institutions, including: