Track your lab’s orders from one simple web interface

The Order Requests module works with any existing purchasing system like SciQuest, Ariba, or even paper requisition forms to save your lab time and money.

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How it works

Most labs either use whiteboards, online spreadsheets, FileMaker databases, or emails to manage their lab’s order requests. With this approach, things often fall through the cracks. Quartzy's Order Requests Module makes it easy for scientists to place order requests, and for lab managers to respond from one streamlined interface, making miscommunication a thing of the past.

The Orders Request Module does not replace your institutional purchasing system (like SciQuest or Ariba), nor does it change any existing purchasing processes. It works in concert with these tools. Read more to see how this module works.

Step 1

Submitting an order request

Researchers submit order requests to their lab managers with just two clicks.

  • Re-order

    Quartzy stores your lab’s order history, making re-orders incredibly easy.

  • Submit anywhere

    Quartzy is a web-based service, so researchers can submit an order request from anywhere, on any internet-connected device.

  • Email notifications

    Quartzy generates customizable email notifications as order requests are processed, automatically informing requesters about the status of their orders.

Step 2

Processing an order request

Lab managers can view order requests from all members in one centralized, easy-to-use interface. They can then process each order request by marking it as approved, ordered, or received. At each step, Quartzy notifies the requester by email as an order is processed.

Quartzy does not actually place orders with vendors. Once a lab-manager or PI has approved the order request, the actual order is placed using existing processes/tools like SciQuest, Ariba, or paper-requisition forms. Quartzy is designed to enhance collaboration within the lab and replaces tools your lab may use internally like whiteboards, online spreadsheets, FileMaker databases etc.

If your lab already has an ordering history in an Excel/CSV/FileMaker file, you can upload it easily to Quartzy. Or, just send it to us at and we’ll upload it to your account.

  • Existing purchasing processes

    The Order Requests module does not replace or change any existing purchasing processes or tools at your institution like SciQuest, Ariba, or paper requisition forms. It works in conjunction with these tools.

  • SciQuest integration

    Many institutions use SciQuest-based purchasing systems. Quartzy is integrated with SciQuest, so lab managers can easily add accepted orders to their SciQuest shopping carts.

  • Customizable approval steps

    Each lab is different, and Quartzy allows you to customize the number of purchase approval steps required by your lab.

  • Custom requisition forms

    Quartzy can help you generate and fill custom requisition forms for your orders. Send us your requisition form as a pdf/xls file and we’ll take care of the rest.

Step 3

Order is received

While only lab admins can process an order request, any lab member can mark an order as received.

  • Inventory passively populated

    Items marked received are automatically added to your inventory on Quartzy, so there’s no more manual updating of your lab’s inventory.

  • Stay on top of each order

    Members and admins can place, view, and act on order requests from anywhere, on any internet-connected device.

Effortless Quotes New!

For labs using Order Requests in the U.S., Quartzy hunts for cheaper prices on the supplies they are going to buy. If we find a better price, you can buy it directly from Quartzy.

Effortless Quotes demo
  • No change to process

    We call this Effortless Quotes because you don’t need to change your ordering process at all. Communicate your ordering as usual, and we let you know if there’s anything we can find for cheaper!

  • How to buy

    You can buy from Quartzy using a credit card or a purchase order, and we are an approved non-catalog vendor in the purchasing systems of institutions large and small around the U.S. If you buy through an eProcurement system, check the list of institutions we are already in.

  • Join thousands of other labs

    Labs at all kinds of institutions across the U.S. are using this feature to save grant money, including: Stanford, Yale, UVA, UAB, Case Western, and many others.

Is it for me? Quartzy is used by over 10,000 labs.

Staying competitive in research requires a smooth-running lab operating at maximum efficiency. Quartzy makes your lab more efficient by streamlining processes and keeping everybody on the same page.

Before Quartzy we used emails for orders, and things were quite chaotic. Quartzy streamlined our processes. The best part is the integration with our purchasing system; two clicks and I can add items straight to my cart.

Sean Dolan

Purchasing admin for four labs – Genetics Department
Stanford University

Quartzy helps us stay organized. Our purchasing admin can process orders, I can generate reports, researchers are in the loop... Everything just works.

Prem Premsriruit, PhD

Mirimus, Inc.

Running a lab with 30 people is a lot of work. Quartzy makes it easy. With Quartzy, researchers can find the status of their orders from their own computers. They love that!

Yip Yu

Lab Manager
Palo Alto VA Medical Center

Quartzy is totally free, and always will be.

Quartzy is the world’s #1 lab management platform, trusted by more than 10,000 labs worldwide.

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