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Track and process all supply requests from your lab members in one place.

Existing purchasing processes

Quartzy does not require you to change any of your organization's purchasing processes or tools.

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We also provide the option of consolidating your purchasing through our catalog, a collection of millions of products from leading suppliers.

Customizable approval steps

Each lab is different, and Quartzy allows you to customize the number of purchase approval steps required by your lab.

Enjoy automatic order updates

Once an order is delivered, any lab member can mark an order as received and automatically update the lab’s inventory.

Update Inventory automatically

Items marked received are instantly added to your inventory on Quartzy, so there’s no more need to manually update.

Stay on top of each order

Members can place, view, and act on supply requests from anywhere, on any internet-connected device.

Ordering made easy

Reagent on backorder? Wondering if you could be getting a better deal? We’ve got your back. Our Effortless Quotes tool automatically hunts down verified product alternatives and available deals for the items on your shopping list, and alerts you whenever there’s a match.

Quartzy Effortless Quotes feature demo
No change to process

It's called Effortless Quotes because you don’t need to change your ordering process at all. Order as normal, and we let you know if we find something!

Join thousands of other labs

Both institutions and industry labs are using Effortless Quotes to make their budgets go further, including: Dow Chemical, Stanford, USDA, and many others.

Before Quartzy we used emails for orders, and things were quite chaotic. Quartzy streamlined our processes. The best part is the integration with our purchasing system; two clicks and I can add items straight to my cart.”

Sean Dolan
Purchasing admin for four labs
Genetics Department, Stanford University
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