Integrate Quartzy with your other systems for peak efficiency

Automate lab tasks, reduce human errors, and cut down on manual work.



Integrate with thousands of tools

Save cost and further increase your lab’s efficiency! Integrate with thousands of tools including Slack, Asana, Google Sheets, Looker, Microsoft Teams and more! Set up integrations within Quartzy without writing any lines of code!

Here are just a few cool things you can do (but the possibilities are endless):

Keep track of your Quartzy orders in Slack, Microsoft Teams and prepare ahead for upcoming deliveries

Automatically keep track of your monthly spend on Quartzy orders in Google Sheets and save time otherwise spent copying-pasting information from Quartzy

Create a reminder in Google Calendar when you know the expected delivery date for an order, whether it is from Quartzy Shop or any vendor


Connect Quartzy with your accounting software

Eliminate time spent on manual data entry. Integrate QuickBooks Online or NetSuite software with Quartzy.
Data flows smoothly ― no need for manual entry.

It’s such a time saver. I would say that by using the integration instead of logging orders manually, it cuts 40% off my time.

Joanne Baxter, Staff Accountant, Next Science

Always know what you have and what you need

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