Spend Less Time on Accounting

How do you make Quartzy even better? Connect with QuickBooks.

Reduce friction between Lab Operations and Accounting

The integration with QuickBooks Online helps Lab Managers and Accountants save time by eliminating tedious, manual data entry. Now, data flows automatically into your QuickBooks Online account, and you can review everything in one place.

With the
click of a button you can connect QuickBooks Online to Quartzy from the new Integrations setting. Once the integration is active, you can easily:

- Group your requested items into a purchase order
- Fetch classification data without leaving Quartzy
- Enter a custom purchase order number or automatically generate one
- Sync to QuickBooks Online with the click of a button

* The QuickBooks Online integration is currently only available with paid subscriptions.

Screenshot of Quartzy Inventory interface on laptop device surrounded by laboratory supplies

Simple and easy to use

Step 1

Select items from your ‘Requests’ tab and group them together into one purchase order.

XLS and FMP file icon
Step 2

Fill out the purchase order details.

XLS and FMP file icon
Step 3

Sync to your QuickBooks Online account.

XLS and FMP file icon
Want to learn more?

Check out this video to see the integration in action. Interested in the QuickBooks Online integration for your lab? Contact your Organization Admin or email us at info@quartzy.com!

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