Keep track of what your lab buys, and what it makes.

Track quantities, locations, expiration alerts, technical details, and MSDS forms for all types of lab inventory including chemicals, cell-lines, plasmids, general supplies, and more.

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Getting started is easy!

If you already have an existing lab inventory in Excel, CSV, or a FileMaker database, you can upload it into your account in no time using our easy import tool. Or, just email the file to and we’ll upload it for you.

Search and add items from hundreds of vendors.

Quartzy hosts catalogs from leading vendors including Sigma-Aldrich, New England BioLabs, Promega, Qiagen, EMD Millipore, and many more. You can add items and all related product details (including links to product pages) from these vendors to your inventory with just a few clicks. Quartzy currently hosts more than 2 million products from hundreds of leading vendors, and our catalog keeps growing all the time.

Track lab-made stuff, too.

Track any type of items you’d like - Quartzy is completely customizable. Track commercial products like chemicals and supplies, or lab made items such as plasmids, cell-lines, and oligos. Easily create specific fields for all item types to track product attributes relevant to your lab.


Track item locations and freezer boxes.

The Inventory module allows you to create locations and sub-locations for all items. You can even track the location of items in the freezer boxes through an interactive graphical interface.

Advanced search and filtering.

The Inventory module lets everybody in the lab know where things are kept, so you no longer waste time scouring the lab for stuff. The advanced search and filtering functionality allows you to find the exact item you need.

Is it for me? Quartzy is used by over 10,000 labs.

Quartzy Inventory helps any life science research lab run more efficiently. You’ll save time by quickly finding any kind of item you have in your lab, whether it’s a vendor-made supply, a lab-made plasmid, or anything else.

We keep all our plasmids, cell lines, and bacterial stocks on Quartzy. It’s great to be able to quickly search Quartzy, find what you’re looking for, and retrieve it for an experiment.

David Bryant, PhD

Principal Investigator – Cancer Research
UK Beatson Institute

Quartzy is really helpful for managing my chemical stockroom inventory, especially to know what’s running low and to generate reports for EHS compliance.

Marie Ebersole

Chemistry Prep Room Manager
Wellesley College

Quartzy is totally free, and always will be.

Quartzy is the world’s #1 lab management platform, trusted by more than 10,000 labs worldwide.

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