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How it works

Don’t let a lack of inventory get in the way of scientific progress. Our fully customizable lab inventory manager lets you track every important detail for any lab supply or lab-made material to ensure regulatory compliance and improve lab communication. Users can even submit order requests from inventory, so there’s no more second-guessing if you bought the right thing.

From quantities and location to expiration alerts and MSDS forms, Quartzy makes better inventory management a breeze.

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Getting started is easy!

If you already have an existing lab inventory in Excel, CSV, or a FileMaker database, you can upload it into your account in no time using our easy import tool.

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Search and add items from thousands of brands

Quartzy hosts catalog data from leading brands including MilliporeSigma, New England BioLabs, Qiagen, and many more. You can add items and all related product details (including product page links) from these vendors to your inventory with just a few clicks.

Quartzy life science supplier catalog and information search interface with lab supplies
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Track lab-made stuff, too

Track any type of items you like – Quartzy is completely customizable. Track commercial products like chemicals and supplies, or lab made items such as plasmids, cell-lines and oligos. Easily create specific fields for all item types to track and product attributes relevant to your lab.

Track item locations and freezer boxes

Quartzy allows you to create locations and sub-locations for all items. You can even track the location of items in freezer boxes through our interactive graphical interface.

Quartzy freezer box and shelf inventory manager interactive graphical interface with laboratory supplies
Advanced search and filtering

Quartzy lets everybody in the lab know where things are kept, so you no longer waste time scouring the lab for stuff. The advanced search and filtering functionality allows you to quickly find the exact item you need.

Quartzy Inventory search and filtering interface with laboratory supplies

We keep all our plasmids, cell lines, and bacterial stocks on Quartzy. It’s great to be able to quickly search Quartzy, find what you’re looking for, and retrieve it for an experiment.”

David Bryant, PhD
Principal Investigator
Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute
Always know what you have and where it is located
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