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Buying is easy with the Quartzy Shop ― your go-to source for reagents, consumables, and more. We carry over 10 million products from 1,800+ trusted life science brands.  

You also get access to Quartzy’s recommended equivalents: product suggestions and offers vetted by our experienced team of life scientists.

Buy it all in one place ― and save!

The Quartzy Shop brings together the biggest names in life sciences. You get an unbeatable selection of 10 million products, backed by our legendary customer support and the full Quartzy Guarantee.

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orders over $199

Quartzy is partnered with over 1800 industry-leading suppliers.

Some of the brands with which we work include:

Why shop through Quartzy?

Compare products with ease

Reagent on backorder? Wondering if you could pay less? We’ve got your back. Requesting any item in your account will trigger the software to hunt down products and deals for the items on your shopping list, and alerts you when there’s a match.

You’ll also have access to Quartzy’s recommended equivalent product suggestions and offers vetted by our experienced team of life scientists.

Compare products with ease
Buy with confidence

The Quartzy Guarantee covers every purchase you make through the Quartzy Shop. You’ll get complete support from your first click right through to delivery. And if you’re ever unhappy with a product, we’ll make it right.

Industry-leading support

Our response times can’t be beat. Reach out via phone or email and our team is ready to assist you with everything from delivery issues to technical product questions.

Active order tracking

The moment you order, Quartzy goes to work: we confirm receipt with suppliers, upload tracking details, and reach out to you with alerts on shipping issues or backorders. Relax: we’ve got you.

Flexible purchasing

Buy with a credit card or purchase order. We’re also an approved non-catalog vendor for many U.S. institutions. If you use an eProcurement system, Quartzy may already be an approved supplier. If not, just reach out and we’ll work with our institution to get added.

The Quartzy Fulfillment Centers

Get reliable access to the supplies you need, with speedy shipping times so that you never run out.

Our bicoastal distribution centers in California and New Jersey stock and ship supplies from 1,800+ brands. You get more available products and the best possible buying experience.

The Quartzy Fulfillment Centers Img

Quartzy’s catalog provides tremendous value. It is far more convenient than ordering from a supplier. Quartzy is one of the most valuable laboratory management tools we’ve ever encountered.

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The better way to buy

Join over 425,000 scientists who already enjoy hassle-free ordering and world-class support!

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the platform

An end-to-end solution to manage your lab’s workflow

Say goodbye to ad-hoc tools - From excel to manage your lab’s inventory to messy email chains for tracking your lab’s requests. These inadequate tools lead to disorganization and frustration. They also waste the lab’s time and money.

Our award-winning platform centralizes and streamlines all of the labs’ operations helping you and your colleagues to stay focused on work.


Always know how much you have in stock and where it is kept.

  • Easily locate items that are in stock in your lab.
  • When items are out of stock, submit requests with ease.
  • Track standard and customizable data for all items (quantity, location, physical state for chemicals, clonality for antibodies, expiration dates and more).


Process and track the status of all requests from one central place.

  • Lab members can request the supplies they need.
  • Lab managers can approve and respond, all in one place.
  • Keep track of order statuses and notify lab members right when their items have arrived.


Buy from more than 1800+ trusted brands that work with Quartzy.

  • Shop and buy over 10 million products from brands you trust.
  • Browse for the exact items you need.
  • Scientific equivalents vetted by our life science product experts.


Integrate with hundreds of your favorite apps so your data is in sync everywhere!

  • Boost productivity by integrating Quartzy with other popular applications being used in your lab like Slack, Quickbooks, NetSuite, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Sheets, and more.


Access Quartzy from your mobile device to track inventory stock levels.

  • Create barcode labels for items in your stockroom
  • Scan barcodes from your mobile device to search for the items in Quartzy
  • Easily increase or reduce the amount in stock