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Fully customizable platform to meet the needs of organizations at all scales, early stage biotechs, public companies and labs at academic institutions.

the platform

An end-to-end solution to manage your lab’s workflow

Say goodbye to ad-hoc tools - From excel to manage your lab’s inventory to messy email chains for tracking your lab’s requests. These inadequate tools lead to disorganization and frustration. They also waste the lab’s time and money.

Our award-winning platform centralizes and streamlines all of the labs’ operations helping you and your colleagues to stay focused on work.


Always know how much you have in stock and where it is kept.

  • Easily locate items that are in stock in your lab.
  • When items are out of stock, submit requests with ease.
  • Track standard and customizable data for all items (quantity, location, physical state for chemicals, clonality for antibodies, expiration dates and more).


Process and track the status of all requests from one central place.

  • Lab members can request the supplies they need.
  • Lab managers can approve and respond, all in one place.
  • Keep track of order statuses and notify lab members right when their items have arrived.


Buy from more than 1800+ trusted brands that work with Quartzy.

  • Shop and buy over 10 million products from brands you trust.
  • Browse for the exact items you need.
  • Scientific equivalents vetted by our life science product experts.


Integrate with hundreds of your favorite apps so your data is in sync everywhere!

  • Boost productivity by integrating Quartzy with other popular applications being used in your lab like Slack, Quickbooks, NetSuite, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Sheets, and more.


Access Quartzy from your mobile device to track inventory stock levels.

  • Create barcode labels for items in your stockroom
  • Scan barcodes from your mobile device to search for the items in Quartzy
  • Easily increase or reduce the amount in stock

There is no product that does what Quartzy does. It saved me BUCKETS of time searching for the best price and availability. Also, the inventory is really helpful.

Rachael Dunlop, Senior Research Fellow
The Institute for Ethnomedicine, dba the Brain Chemistry Labs

Don’t just take our word for it - Customers


Highly rated and recommended by Quartzy customers and experts.

Kevin Eisenfrats
Co-Founder and CEO, Contraline

“If you’re a biotech company, you should be using Quartzy. We’ve been using it since day one!”

G2 Crowd
Reviewed by 38 users
user rated 4.6/5

“A lifesaver in keeping orders all in one place.”

Technology Feature, 28 June 2021

“Tool group leaders love.”

- Digital secrets of successful lab management

Victoria Sample
Laboratory Coordinator

“Outstanding customer support, ease of use, reliability, functionality, ordering capability, Quartzy shop - it’s FABULOUS!”

Reviewed by 265 users
user rated 4.6/5

“Excellent software and even better customer service!”

Software Advice
Reviewed by 264 users
user rated 4.6/5

“I always recommend Quartzy to the other labs.”

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