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Milking Innovation: BIOMILQ’s journey to efficiency with Quartzy

34 employees
Durham, North Carolina


  • Streamline lab productivity


  • Adopt the Quartzy platform to manage lab operations 


  • Smoother ordering process
  • Improved organization
  • Streamlined order requests 

BIOMILQ is a woman-owned, science-led, and parent-centered biotech startup, developing novel technology to make human milk outside the body to create an infant nutrition alternative. BIOMILQ is committed to empowering parents in nourishing their most precious person on the planet.

When Holland Pritchett and her team at BIOMILQ were navigating supply chain shortages and struggling to keep up with order tracking and inventory management, she knew something had to change. Before discovering Quartzy, Holland was spending half of her week managing orders, jumping between vendor websites, and trying to prevent things from slipping through the cracks. 

In 2020, Holland and her colleagues were researching software solutions to help manage their daily workflows and operations, and found Quartzy, a solution that alleviated the pain points they were experiencing. After considering several other systems, Quartzy stood out with its complete solution - a combination of lab supply inventory management, centralized lab supply requests, and a robust ecommerce platform for shopping, tracking and purchasing capabilities.


Quartzy had everything, and their customer service team was a standout. They provided vital support during implementation and offered prompt assistance whenever questions arose.

Holland Pritchett

Lab Operations Manager, BIOMILQ

Now, as a full-time lab manager, Holland has the ability to stay adept at keeping the lab running without being weighed down by manual tasks. With Quartzy, Holland has plenty of time to focus on the things that matter, and the lab can operate at peak efficiency.

Before Quartzy, the team at BIOMILQ was relying on manual tracking with spreadsheets and paper, and managing inventory and supplies had become an enormous task. So much, in fact, that Holland was spending around 20 hours a week ordering supplies and keeping up with inventory. One of the biggest challenges was figuring out how to get supplies from external vendors, tracking down invoices, and connecting with accounts payable.

“With Quartzy I went from 20 hours a week ordering supplies and managing inventory to only 4 hours a week”.

Now Holland and her team easily manage inventory and track orders with ease. And with communication streamlined on one platform, they were able to collaborate more effectively as a team. 

When it comes to purchasing lab supplies, the Quartzy Shop has been able to get competitive prices for BIOMILQ. “The subscription essentially pays for itself with how much we’ve saved on ordering lab supplies.”

Overall, Quartzy's impact on BIOMILQ is clear: it dramatically reduced the time spent dealing with vendors and managing inventory, and reduced costs on lab supplies. With Quartzy managing the logistics, Holland and her team at BIOMILQ can remain focused on their mission to unlock human potential with breakthrough mammary biotechnology. 


With Quartzy I went from 20 hours a week ordering supplies and managing inventory to only 4 hours a week. Add, the subscription essentially pays for itself with how much we’ve saved on ordering lab supplies.

Holland Pritchett

Lab Operations Manager, BIOMILQ


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