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Great research starts with good management.

Quartzy provides you with the software infrastructure you need to manage your lab.

"I've been a lab manager for 15 years and Quartzy is the best solution I've seen."
Sylvia Johnson, Washington University

Entirely free and entirely online.

Quartzy is completely free and all online. There is no software to download. Quartzy has four modules that help you manage your lab efficiently:

  1. Inventory: Manage your and your labs' inventories
  2. Order Requests: Streamlined interface for managing internal lab orders
  3. Facilities: Manage sign-ups for shared lab equipment
  4. Documents: Maintain personal and lab documents


What Quartzy users are saying:

"Quartzy is the perfect solution for research labs. From finding the location of chemicals and disposables, looking up pricing, placing an order, to reserving a PCR machine, Quartzy does it all. It has made research fun again!"
Elisabeth M. Bik, Stanford University
"Quartzy is an innovative, easy to learn, lab management tool that gives online access to inventory, orders, equipment, and personnel, all in one location. The Quartzy Team is extremely responsive and helpful! They understand things that make research difficult and strive to make them easier for researchers, managers and PIs alike. Quartzy is a great tool that I use everyday!"
Gregory Joseph Schmid, Stanford University
"We don't even take advantage of all the features that Quartzy has to offer, and already my life as lab manager is MUCH easier than it was before we started using the website."
Elizabeth Richardson, Yale University
"I wanted to let you know that I think Quartzy is great. Our lab just started using it a month ago and it's been very easy to place orders and keep track of them with Quartzy."
Boyang Zhao, MIT
"I think that Quartzy is an awesome tool, and it has really benefited our lab!"
Hannah Thompson, University of Minnesota

Quartzy in the press:

"A tool every lab should have."
Luke Geiver, Biorefining Magazine
"Quartzy is expanding its community and becoming ubiquitous."
Alyson Shontell, Business Insider
"The clean interface and unique functionalities makes it a breeze to use. Check it out!"
David Roman, Molecular Interventions
"Quartzy does more than keep track of your lab supplies. It's also building out a review database for supplies commonly used in laboratories."
Jason Kincaid, Techcrunch
"Medical technology dominates at the Olin Cup"
Laura Kolodny, New York Times
"Quartzy is an online lab management platform that helps research labs across the country be more efficient and save both time and money."
Ned Smith, Business News Daily